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Technical Data

Custom Delivery Freight has a variety of sizes in vans and large straight box trucks to haul your items safely from the elements during transit.

Our box trucks are 24' length and 13' tall with roll up door opening 7'9" on the back-side with a 10,000 lb. weight capacity. The box trucks offer plenty of space to haul your larger items that otherwise aren't easily transported. We transport anything that fits within our trucks. If it is a heavy item we have the availability of our lift gates which have a capacity of 2,600 lbs. This ensures the safety and security of your items.

The cargo vans that we have vary in size. Larger vans are capable of hauling 3,000 lb. goods can be 16'-18' in length, and up to 5'9" tall. We also run smaller vans which are 10' long and have a 2,000 lb. weight capacity. These vans are typically used for same-day services to make your deliveries more efficient and keep your cost at a minimum.

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