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The Freight Courier Service

The History of Custom Delivery Service, Inc. is similar to many other small businesses in that it began with a vision. Obviously, unlike other small business visions that never become a reality, CDS has defied all the odds and has been a huge success.

Originating with Rodney and Lori Hayes of Cody, Wyoming, a concept grew legs in 1993 with the launch of Custom Delivery Inc.

With their single truck and trailer, Rod and Lori spent hours canvassing the Cody area. With each door to door visit, one by one, a customer base was built for whom they would begin making deliveries. Many of the houses, farms, and ranches were spread out and they travelled many miles to get the word out about this new service they were offering.

As is the case in a small community, word travelled fast, and it wasn’t long before Rod and Lori found themselves hauling supplies for many clients in the area.

CDS has grown immensely over the years. What began as a local delivery service, has now amassed to a regional service offering same-day and overnight pickup and deliveries to the whole Big Horn Basin in Northwest Wyoming and Sheridan, WY from Billings, MT.

The Store

With the delivery service up and running, Rod and Lori also saw an opportunity to open a retail shipping store. In 1999, the initial vision expanded and the Ship and Print Store was born.

Here, they began offering UPS and Federal Express shipping. The store has become a huge success and a 'One Stop Shop' for many looking to copy, print banners, package items, ship items, email, scan, etc.

We will never know the exact number of clients that Rod and Lori dreamed of when they began, but we do know that our customer base has extended to well over 1500 clients that utilize our local shipping and retail store. This is a direct result of the care and respect that Rod and Lori extended to the many who utilized their services.

The Hayes

It is with great sadness that we report the recent passing of our founders Rod and Lori Hayes. However, we are encouraged that they were able to witness the impact of their small business vision they had back in 1993.

We are inspired knowing that the legacy that Rod and Lori left lives on through Custom Delivery Service Inc. and continues to be a driving force in the communities across Northwest Wyoming.

We have stayed strong through times of difficulty, and plan to carry on that same great service Rod and Lori so passionately offered.

With our fantastic team, the potential for growth is immense. We will continue to pursue future opportunities to assist the communities we love. In our endeavors, however, we will never forget, we will be forever grateful, and we will continue to be inspired and motivated by the dedication of Rod and Lori Hayes to their small business vision from 1993 called Custom Delivery Service, Inc.

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